Key Steps in House Post Renovation Cleaning

Key Steps in House Post Renovation Cleaning

The process of remodeling a home can be an enjoyable experience, albeit the inevitable mess and clutter it causes. To ensure the renovated area is habitable, post-renovation cleaning is crucial. In this text, we will examine the procedure for cleaning up after a renovation in Malaysia.

First, take out big things like wood, tiles, or concrete. This will help create a safe environment and prevent any accidents. If you find it overwhelming to handle the cleaning on your own, consider hiring professional post-renovation cleaning services. They have the expertise and equipment to efficiently clean up after a renovation, leaving your home spotless and ready for use

Now it’s time to dust. Use a soft cloth or microfiber duster to avoid scratching delicate surfaces. Clean hard-to-reach corners and crevices. Pay extra attention to areas where construction or renovation work was done, as these are likely to accumulate more dust and debris. Sweep or vacuum the floors to remove dirt and debris. Use different tools depending on your floor type. Don’t forget to clean under furniture and rugs, as dust tends to settle in these areas. Then mop the floors with the right cleaner for your floor type. To remove grime, you may need to scrub gently with a brush.

Don’t forget hidden places like air vents and light fixtures. Dust these to improve air quality. Sanitize commonly touched surfaces like door handles and light switches with a disinfectant spray. This step is especially important now, considering the current focus on hygiene and cleanliness.

Lastly, clean inside and outside windows with glass cleaner. This will help remove any smudges or residue left behind from the renovation process, giving your windows a clean and polished look.

Post-renovation, it’s crucial to perform thorough cleaning to ensure a tidy and comfortable living space. The use of these procedures and expert post-renovation cleaning services can function effectively in getting rid of dust, dirt, and debris. Remember, your safety comes first, so do not hesitate to seek professional help if necessary.

Step 1: Clearing and Decluttering

Clearing and decluttering is an essential part of post-renovation cleaning. Start by getting rid of large items like furniture or appliances. Then, get rid of all loose debris like construction materials, sawdust, and nails. Sort through your stuff and set aside those which you no longer need. Clean out closets, cabinets, and storage spaces. After that, sweep or vacuum the floors to remove any dust or dirt. Use labeled boxes or bins to organize items you’re keeping. This step is important because it creates a clean slate for the rest of the post-renovation cleaning and helps you organize your belongings.

Step 2: Dusting and Vacuuming

Dusting and vacuuming? A must-do post-renovation step! Remove dust and debris from each corner of your house. For a clean, healthy living space, try this 6-step guide:

  1. Start with high surfaces – ceilings, fans, light fixtures. Use a long-handled duster. Avoid dust from settling on lower surfaces.
  2. Dust every furniture piece – shelves, tables, cabinets. Use a microfiber cloth or a soft brush. Reach hidden spots too.
  3. Remove dust from walls and baseboards. Vacuum cleaner with attachment or damp cloth is best.
  4. Vacuum floors. Pay attention to corners, edges, difficult-to-reach areas. That’s where debris accumulates.
  5. For carpets or rugs, use a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner. This will remove embedded dirt and allergens.
  6. Clean the vacuum cleaner canister or replace the bag. Optimal performance for future use.

Don’t forget window sills, vents, curtains. Also, electronic devices like TVs, computers. They attract dust, too!

Step 3: Deep Cleaning Surfaces

It’s time to deep clean surfaces now that the renovation’s over! Follow these steps for a spotless house.

  1. Preparation:
    • Clear off clutter and debris.
    • Move furniture and decorations away.
    • Let fresh air in by opening windows.
    • Gather cleaning supplies, like microfiber cloths, mops, and disinfectants.
  2. Dusting:
    • Start at the top and work your way down.
    • Use a microfiber cloth to trap dust.
    • Don’t forget ceiling fans, light fixtures, and vents.
    • Also window sills, baseboards, and door frames.
  3. Washing:
    • Make a mild detergent and warm water mix in a bucket.
    • Dip a sponge or mop in the solution, wring out excess water.
    • Clean walls, ceilings, and floors in circular motions.
    • For tough stains, use a soft-bristled brush.
  4. Disinfecting:
    • Apply disinfectant to high-touch areas like doorknobs, switches, and countertops.
    • Let it sit for a few minutes to kill germs.
    • Wipe them down with a cloth or paper towel.

Remember to take breaks and stay hydrated! By deep cleaning surfaces, you can make sure your newly renovated home is clean and healthy.

Step 4: Cleaning Windows and Doors

Cleaning windows and doors is key post-reno. It helps to take out dust and debris that gathered during the work. Here are five steps to get it done:

  1. First, use a soft brush or vacuum with a dusting attachment to remove any loose dirt or debris. This prevents scratching the glass or surfaces.
  2. Mix a mild detergent or window cleaner with warm water in a bucket. Use a soft cloth or sponge and wring it out.
  3. Clean top-to-bottom with the damp cloth or sponge. Focus on areas where dirt and grime are likely to build up, like sills and frames.
  4. For tough stains or marks, use a cleaning product made for glass or surfaces. Follow the instructions and rub away the stain with a clean cloth or sponge.
  5. Rinse any soapy residue with fresh water and a separate cloth or sponge. Dry with a lint-free towel or paper towels to avoid streaks.

Be safe when cleaning windows high off the ground. Use a sturdy ladder or hire someone if you must. Don’t forget other components like handles, knobs, locks, and hinges. Clean them with an appropriate cleaner or disinfectant to remove bacteria or germs that formed during renovation.

Follow these steps and your windows and doors will be spotless. Natural light can flow in and your home will look great.

Step 5: Floors and Carpets

Clean your Malaysia house floors and carpets post-renovation with these steps:

  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dirt.
  2. Mop or steam clean with a suitable solution.
  3. Pay attention to corners and edges.
  4. For carpets, use a cleaner or hire pros.
  5. Allow time for floors and carpets to dry.

Remember: each floor type needs specific cleaning methods and products. Read the instructions or ask pros for help.

Step 6: Final Touches and Fragrance

It’s time to finish off your post-renovation clean. This step is key for making your home look great, and creating a cozy, fresh atmosphere. Follow these 4 steps for success:

  1. Wipe away dust and debris: Grab a microfiber cloth or vacuum for hard-to-reach areas, shelves, and furniture.
  2. Polish surfaces: Use the right cleaner for wood, glass, or metal. Follow product labels for best results.
  3. Arrange decorations: Artwork, vases, and other pieces should enhance each room’s aesthetic.
  4. Add fragrance: Scented candles, diffusers, or air fresheners create a pleasant ambiance. Avoid strong scents that could be too much.

These touches are very important for your post-renovation clean. Pay attention to detail, and you’ll have an inviting space with a delightful scent, that caters to diverse preferences without overwhelming anyone. Now, enjoy your newly renovated space!


Wrapping up, post-reno cleaning is essential for a livable house. Thoroughly clean all nooks and crannies. Get rid of debris, dust, and grime. Dispose of waste correctly.

Use eco-friendly products. Safer for the environment and you. Plus, specialized tools like microfiber cloths & steam cleaners help.

Pay extra attention to kitchens & bathrooms. Accumulate more dirt & germs. For a truly clean living space.

Divide tasks into manageable sections or rooms. This way you can make sure every area is cleaned thoroughly. No feeling overwhelmed.

Hire professional cleaners if you want. They have the knowledge and experience to take on any challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is post renovation cleaning important?

A1: Post renovation cleaning ensures the removal of dust, debris, and harmful substances left behind after renovation, providing a clean and healthy living environment.

Q2: What are the key steps involved in post renovation cleaning?

A2: The key steps include dusting and vacuuming, cleaning walls and surfaces, sanitizing floors, deep cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms, removing construction residue, and air purification.

Q3: How long does post renovation cleaning usually take?

A3: The duration of post renovation cleaning depends on the size and condition of the house. On average, it can take between one to three days for a thorough cleaning.

Q4: Can I perform post renovation cleaning myself?

A4: While it is possible to do some cleaning yourself, hiring professional cleaners is recommended for a more efficient and effective post renovation cleaning, considering their expertise and equipment.

Q5: How much does post renovation cleaning cost in Malaysia?

A5: The cost of post renovation cleaning varies depending on factors such as the size of the house, level of cleaning required, and additional services needed. It is best to contact cleaning companies for accurate quotes.

Q6: Is it necessary to clean air ducts after renovation?

A6: Yes, cleaning air ducts after renovation is important as they can accumulate dust, debris, and contaminants. This helps improve indoor air quality and prevents respiratory issues.

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